Social Networks and Health 2017


The 2017 Social Networks and Health workshop was a week-long workshop that introduced attendees to topics in social networks, and how they can be applied to research on health. The workshop covered the following topics:

  • Network data collection
  • Network measures and description
  • Visualization of networks
  • Ego-network analysis
  • Regression with networks (including randomization techniques)
  • Diffusion and peer influence
  • Exponential random graph models (ERGM)
  • Stochastic Actor-Oriented Models (SAOM, or Siena models)

Guest lectures covered:

  • IRB considerations for network data collection
  • Challenges with respondent-driven sampling (RDS)
  • Causal Inference and design of social network-based interventions

Each lesson was illustrated with a lab section showing how to analyze network data in R. The target audience was health researchers familiar with regression analysis who wanted to learn how to incorporate network analysis into their research.

Funding for the Social Networks and Health workshop provided by NIH grant R25HD079352

Feel free to watch the 2017 lectures on YouTube

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