Persistence and Re-Formation of Close Personal Ties over a Long, Long, Long Time.

John Levi Martin, U Chicago, Sociology
Personal relationships are embedded in both spatial and relational contexts. Using data on 60 intentional communities from the Urban Communes Data Set, we examine how such embedding is related to the persistence and re-formation of close personal ties over a thirteen year period. We find that the precise ways in which local structure affects contact are bound up with the distance between dyad members. We also find asymmetries in these processes that other studies have been unable to uncover—that change in contact is not the same as change in friendship; that processes that lead ties to be dropped are not the same as those that lead them to be renewed; that increases in local embeddedness are not opposite of decreases. Finally, there is surprising evidence of hierarchical effects influencing the retention of friendships more than twenty-five years after most respondents left their groups.
March, 16 2015 | 12:30 - 14:00 | Gross Hall 230E

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