RefCliq: The Networked World of Academic Citations

Neal Caren, Sociology - Duke
This projects presents a method for depicting academic fields and subfields and identifying the major players in those research areas based on a network analysis of article citations. I examine which references are commonly cited together and what works are most central to those clusters. For example, what are the major research areas in the study of climate change, social networks, or in sociology, and who are the central researchers in each? Article citation networks provide a valuable, but underutilized, resource for understanding and creating academic networks. This method is of interest both to scholars studying how scientific fields are constructed and evolve and to researchers interested in learning the contours and primary works in a new field. The session will be focused on implementation of the RefCliq ( program in Python, which utilizes community detection with data collected from co-occurrences of cited works.
September, 10 2013 | 12:30 - 2:00 | 230E Gross Hall

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